PAtricia Walls

I have been working with Light Language for as long as I can remember. Except that I had no clue what it was until a few short years ago when I was directed to the work of Dorian Light. She was confusing and brilliant, all at the same time. I didn’t get it, yet I knew that it shifted consciousness. Judy Satori’s work also had a big impact on my expansion.

Then I was directed to many others who were speaking in frequency, one of which was a new sister in Wales that I was to meet with in Glastonbury in the fall of 2017. A sister that agreed to join me on this Divine adventure was also working with Light Language, I thought it would be incredible for the two of them to meet and work together. At some time during our adventures there she said to me “you know that you speak Light Language, too, right?”. I did not. At least, not consciously. Not yet. I had always worked with sound (toning and singing) and often scribbled or drew symbols. Also, I remembered a dream some 17 or so years ago where I was speaking to friends in what I thought was English, but they couldn’t understand me. Upon waking I realized that I was speaking a different language. That was the only time I remember that happening. 

Sometime later I began to allow the frequencies to come in whatever form they chose. I began speaking what sounded like, at least to me, an aborigines language. It was very fast. And, it would often flow into song. I loved the songs. I found that the tones would go up and down the scales. I realized that this was a form of frequency shifting to alter the vibrations around me. Then I allowed the written frequencies to take form. They most often came in a reverse spiral flow. Then it would form around that spiral in the opposite direction. That all went out with a manuscript that I am working on that is going to be titled "Frequencies of Light".  I am finding that the transmissions come exactly as they should to be received in the best possible way.

I have found that the Light Language has also been incorporated into my intuitive art.  I paint shamamic drums and create pendants from stone and clay.  The frequencies, in the form of symbols, are being inserted into both the painted drums and pendants.  Those are offered on my Etsy shop. 

Shortly afterwards, my team advised me to offer Light Language to the public.  I began to use the frequencies in my work with clients and at the women’s retreats that I facilitate.  I have also been asked to participate in several interviews/panels and speak in public and private gatherings. 

I found that the frequencies, whether spoken, sung or written would alter their perception in a more positive way. Most of them responded that the frequencies would make them feel safe and comfortable. 

Shortly afterwards I applied at a local psychic fair as a vendor to sell my drums and pendants. The owner, having seen my website and knowing that I work with Light Language, invited me to offer Light Language readings at her fair. I was thrown off by it at first.

My understanding was that there is no translation for the frequencies and they certainly weren’t used for foretelling the future. When I meditated on it and asked my team about the possibility I was told that it was not a good idea at present. Instead I should continue working with it in the way that I was.  A few months later, she contacted me to see if the energy had changed. When I asked my team, the answer was “yes, it is time”. I still didn’t have a clue how this was going to look and questioned the team about the particulars wondering if I should offer it as a healing session versus a reading. My team was emphatic and gave me the exact formula to use.

We humans tend to make things harder than they have to be. There was no turning back. To make sure that I could do this, I offered free sessions to my sisters in the community. Within two days I had given around ten readings and saw how it could work. When I asked why this platform and why now, the answer was that this medium allowed the frequencies to be received in a more acceptable way. It has been interesting.

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