Light Language Intuitive Readings with Patricia Walls at the Dallas Psychic Fair 

What kind of question or healing intention should I have for my session? 
This is a request to your Galactic soul core for healing or information. There is no wrong or right request. If you could ask one important question of source, what would it be?

How does the intuitive readings relate to Light Language?
As she works with receiving and transmitting the Language of Light, it increases a sense of intuitive knowing.
The first session of Light Language is to connect with your galactic core/soul source and your team to receive information for you.
Following the information given, she will ask to transmit Light Language for you to release any blocks or hindrances that are keeping you from accomplishing your assignments and/or desires. You will also receive light/key codes and alignments. Lastly, she will share the codes through automatic writing that she received for you. It is helpful to review the symbols from time to time to reinforce any alignment, information and healing codes. Hearing the information also helps to raise your vibration, your consciousness, and your awareness. When both light language and written symbols are combined, they can offer a deeper activation and alignment.

What can you expect as a result of the Light Language reading?
~  re-connection to Galactic core self and family
~  etheric, physical, and mental healing
~  integration of your multidimensional aspects
~  awakening dormant DNA and intuition
~  removal of blockages from your system
~  deep feelings of calm, peace, joy, protection
~  easier adjustment to the new 5D earth energies

Patricia offers readings at the Dallas Psychic Fair on the first Sunday of each month. 

Click on the link HERE to be taken to the pre-schedule page for readings with Patricia.  

Light Language Gallery at the LightWorkers Sanctuary in The Colony, Texas  

Facilitated with Laura Rose Tellez & Patricia DancingElk Walls Light Language is multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul and spiritual level, bypassing the mind that tries to decode and comprehend.

There are many dialects of Light Language and the purpose is varied. It acts as a key, unlocking gifts and often times activating the language in others. Some experience deep healing, epiphanies, new knowledge and understanding of cosmic existence as well as remembering your origin in the cosmos. Spontaneous activation’s are on the rise globally as we are experiencing huge transformational shifts in our consciousness. The language is also written in symbols that are considered codes of activation’s. These activation’s via hearing the language and viewing the codes are happening all over the world with people who do not even speak the same Earth language but the light language sounds the same.  It is a language of unification.  In this gallery, Laura & Patricia will be sharing light language messages specific to the group as well as individually with an introduction to light language, for informational purposes.

When: Wednesdays, May 1st, September 11th and November 6th

Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm Energy Exchange: $22    

Click on the link HERE to be taken to their website.  You can purchase tickets there as well as receive the calendar for the quarterly galleries.  

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