Light Language Frequency Alignments

These sessions can be done in person, over the telephone or through skype or zoom. They are approximately 30 minutes in length.

During a session, I link to your team for a message and vibratory transmission for you that will come in the form of spoken and written language of light.

These sessions help resolve emotional/mental patterns in the cellular memory, and to open and recode or activate light codes in the DNA.

Because these sessions are channeled messages, activations and transmissions, are personal to you, and come from a higher source, there is no English translation.  It is felt and integrated energetically versus going through the egoic English translation.

This is where you learn trust in your team, yourself, and source.  It is a reading of what your soul requires to heal, align and increase your light quota.  What I can do is channel messages via light language which you will interpret through your energetic system.

The sessions are recorded and you will be provided with an MP3 copy. Each time that you Listen to the recording will increase the benefits. I will also give you any written symbols that are transmitted for you.

Many of you are having vibratory expansion/ascension symptoms due to megalithic shifts that the earth and all of her inhabitants are feeling at this time. The physical results that you will notice right away is a feeling of being lighter, happier, more aligned and more at peace. And you will begin to see those changes occur in your everyday environment. The other changes may not be so apparent to you as they will integrate with grace and ease. You will, though, see massive changes in your life in the next 8 months. 

Light Language Intuitive Reading and Transmission

This is a request to your Galactic soul core for healing or information.

There is no wrong or right request. If you could ask one important question of source, what would it be?   As she works with receiving and transmitting the Language of Light, it increases a sense of intuitive knowing.

The first session of Light Language is to connect with your galactic core/soul source and your team to receive information for you.

Following the information given, she will ask to transmit Light Language for you to release any blocks or hindrances that are keeping you from accomplishing your assignments and/or desires.  You will also receive light/key codes and alignments.

Lastly, she will share the codes through automatic writing that she received for you. It is helpful to review the symbols from time to time to reinforce any alignment, information and healing codes. Hearing the information also helps to raise your vibration, your consciousness, and your awareness. When both light language and written symbols are combined, they can offer a deeper activation and alignment.

What can you expect as a result of Light Language 
re-connection to Galactic core self and family
etheric, physical, and mental healing
integration of your multidimensional aspects
awakening dormant DNA and intuition
removal of blockages from your system
deep feelings of calm, peace, joy, protection
easier adjustment to the new 5D earth energies

You can 'Contact' me if you have questions that are not answered here. Or you can make an 'appointment' for a session and experience Light Language for yourself. I look forward to sharing this amazing tool for light with you.




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