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Congratulations! You found treasure. The reading available for you here cannot be undervalued. For, within these pages is immense combined knowledge from the masters here to teach you. Believe it or not, creation asked each of them to join us for this purpose. Each of your authors has extensive lived experiences to share from. The generosity offered to each of you is all for a purpose. If you are ready, big healing can be found here. Deep truth to awaken the real you is also a given. Are you brave to open to the secrets of the universe? The language of light does just that. The energy within this novel cannot be replaced and will live on long after the magnificent creators have left. The work they share is that important.

Light language is for all. Per your creator, please enjoy this work. Open your heart to receive this blessing. The healing available to all of you within will never be forgotten and the significance of this masterpiece, while simple, is flawless. Your creator loves each of you and cherishes your remembrance. You are home here. Get cozy and open your hearts to pure beauty and generosity. These masters were sent for you. If you are here, you are meant to be here.

Welcome. You will never be the same in all the best ways. Sweet remembrance welcomes full healing and what they provide is that special. They make this very easy for you. Fancy words are not needed. They are here to simplify understanding and share stories of enchantment. Everything you read is true as each shared experience given from your authors has truly happened. The greatness for you is to question everything. In time, your answers will come. They pave the way for you by sharing great knowledge otherwise unavailable. Each of these phenomenal women has done the work to heal. The frequency you feel proves it. Where else can you feel this way? This is how you know you found a true master of frequency healing. Each of them is very powerful and each of you will benefit from their brilliance. We welcome you with arms wide open and celebrate alongside you. We are cheering for your remembrance and celebrate your healing. Please, enjoy. This is for you! Creation is cheering. You are loved, welcome, and safe. Happy reading!  Sara Allen

A bit about the Authors: 

Patricia Walls:  Patricia is an awakener and activator.  She has been called the healer of healers.   Patricia has the natural ability to open people up to their knowing and gifts through their expansion of consciousness. In her time, she has served as an international speaker, teacher, women’s retreat leader, artist, author, healing facilitator and mentor.    

Patricia has published three other books and served as a contributor on three others.  They are as follows:

  • Feeding the Wolf Within - Author
  • Feeding the Wolf Within Companion Workbook - Author
  • Conscious Enlightenment and Expansion – Author
  • Hall of Records - Author4
  • Hall of Records Companion Workbook - Author
  • Inspirations – Contributing Author
  • A Grateful Soul – Contributing Author
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Language: An Easy and Proven Way of Connecting with the Divine - Author
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Light Language: Book of 144 Codes - Author
  • Whispers From the Heart – Contributing Author

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RachelSofia:   RachelSofia lives in beautiful North Wales surrounded by mountains, hills, rivers, woodland, and the Irish Sea is also close by.  She loves walking with her dogs along the river near her home and also walking with friends in a favourite magickal woodland high in the Welsh hills.  She enjoys gardening, all things Nature and putting the world to rights with friends. 

 RachelSofia has been a member of the Diamond Light Community since 2009 and regularly participates in Diamond Light Processes.

Some ways to connect with Rachel online:

Tiffany Antionette Spivey:  Tiffany Antoinette Spivey (Osini Naskar Maat) has enjoyed the path of holistic health and wellness for twenty-two years.  She attributes her values to medicine, science, and technology towards teaching, mentoring, fitness, and strengthening the family.  

Some ways to connect with Tiffany online:

Laura Rose Tellez:   Laura is a Certified Biofeed back Specialist, Reiki Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner, and a facilitator of Light Language. Part of her purpose in this Earthly incarnation is to assist humans in unlocking their gifts, healing, and growing in consciousness. 

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