September 23, 2023 only

Blackland Ranch, Commerce Texas

You are invited to participate in an in-person, live, immersion in the Language of Light
in all of its forms of transmission

Are you speaking, singing, dancing, drawing symbols or have a strong interest in Light Language?

Then join us

As the collective begins to align to these higher frequencies, they often find themselves speaking, singing, dancing and/or drawing symbols that feel familiar, yet aren't like anything they have experienced before.  They don't know who they can trust to share this new awareness with.   It can often be an unfamiliar and even scary experience.  Others are unsure about what they are speaking or don’t have a chance to speak these Light languages with others. 

This will be our third gathering of this type.  The overall purpose of this gathering is to provide a safe space to share, learn and experience with each other.  

This is an immersion into the frequencies, alignments, downloads, and codes of the Language of Light.  I facilitate Light Language Galleries in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  They are most often two-hour events.  I also offer private sessions for Light Language Transmissions. 

Sometimes you need more than a two-hour gallery or private session. Sometimes, you need to be immersed in the energy. This is it. 

This Light Language Immersion event will be held Saturday from 9am till 10pm at a beautiful ranch and retreat center in Commerce, Texas.  

Through meditations, experiential journeys, sound healing, vibrational alignments, star earth knowledge, and Language of Light we will tap into the legacy of ancestral origin and knowledge. It will introduce you to ways of growing, expanding, loving and the miracles of divine right knowing. 

Benefits of Light Language

  • Activate DNA and the pineal gland
  • Increases intuition and connection to Source 
  • Activates dormant frequency encodements to increase your light quota
  • Releases energetic blockages (including genetic and past life)
  • Connects you to your higher source wisdom
  • Energetic emotional, physical, mental healing
  • Relaxation and revelation of your own gifts
  • Aligns your more fully to the new earth energies

 If you have questions, you can contact me at

 This event is hosted by Blackland Ranch at 445 Fm 71, Commerce, TX 75428 ·

Sound Healing will be facilitated by Sharon Varner

There is the option for Saturday only.   The one-day exchange is $222.22 Registration is through pre-payment via the following: 

Venmo:   @patricia-Walls-0


CashApp:   $earthwombyn